Electric Vehicles
For your private use

As the leading EV supplier in Cambodia, Car4you creates a better future for our children, our business and us.
We offer sustainable electric vehicles, a future that is sustainable, hassle-free and strikingly beautiful.

A simple thought really. In the near future, clean energy will be the main driver fueling many aspects of our daily lives. We want to be a part of that transition and journey.

We offer famous brands including LETIN and SERES with low-speed vehicles, high speed vehicles, luxury vehicles. Driving ranges from 120km to 500km+.

We offer a wide range of models from 4 to 41 seats, city car, office car, private car, shuttle buses, and the customer can choose many different options, conversions and choose Lead Acid batteries or Lithium-ion batteries as you wanted.



E-Commercial Vehicle



Your personal contact

Udom Pisey

Electric Vehicles Manager
Tel: 099 22 66 05


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