Electric Vehicles
For your private use

As the leading EV supplier in Cambodia, Car4you creates a better future for our children, our business and us.
We offer sustainable electric vehicles, a future that is sustainable, hassle-free and strikingly beautiful.

A simple thought really. In the near future, clean energy will be the main driver fueling many aspects of our daily lives. We want to be a part of that transition and journey.

We offer famous brands including Levdeo, Letin and DFSK with low speed vehicles, high speed vehicles, luxury vehicles. Driving range from 120km to 500km+.

Electric Vehicles
For your business

E-Green has been sold internationally for the last decade, and is a well-known brand in hotels, resorts, amusement parks, house compounds and by private people.

We are using German technology and American standards, which can also be seen in the high quality always delivered by E-Green.

E-Green offer a wide range of models from 2 to 23 seats, golf carts, shuttle buses, utility and commercial vehicles, and the customer can choose many different option and conversions and choose Lead Acid batteries or Lithium-ion batteries.

Commercial Vehicles
For your business

Car4you offers a large choice of commercial vehicle (from 1T to 50T, and from 8 passengers to 56 passengers) adapted to a wide range of transport activities.

We offer gasoline, diesel or 100% electric commercial vehicles. We offer with flat bed, dry box, cool box, and many more options. We offer famous brand names including Foton, Dongfeng and Byvin.

We know your business and understand how important efficiency is for you. That’s why we offer sophisticated transport solutions for market leading uptime and lowest operational costs.

Car4you service
For your vehicle

Car4you believes the best way to maintain your vehicle is to choose a quality full-service auto repair shop and have service work performed by professional technicians trained to identify potential problems.

This helps prevent breakdowns and often saves money by allowing you to make a small repair now rather than a much bigger one later. Also, a shop that knows you and your vehicle can better advise you about work that may soon be needed.

We at Car4you are ready to service you, at our workshop at #11 Hanoi Road in Phnom Penh, or at your place if needed.

Discover car4you

Car4you wants to provide an experience to each customer that is beyond their expectations in a friendly, professional and efficient manner, whether your need is a commercial vehicle or electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicles is our passion, and we believe in saving the climate – and our lives. Now EV’s is not only passenger cars, but also delivery vans, trucks, shuttle buses and golf carts, and Car4you Co., Ltd is the Cambodian leader in zero emission vehicles (100% Electric Vehicles). Car4you can offer you city cars EV, SUV EV, Bus EV, commercial delivery vehicles EV, and a wide range of leisure vehicles with 100% electric.

Electric car comes with countless advantages for advanced vehicle users beyond the conventional gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

The brands we offer includes Levdeo, Letin, E-Green, Foton and Dfsk.

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